Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in Procure!

We care about your privacy. You deserve to know exactly what you can expect from your experience using Procure. Here’s what you can expect:

We do not sell your personal information.

We do not sell, give away, exchange, haggle, horse-trade or barter any of your information.


Procure helps non-profit organizations save money so they can serve more people. One of the ways we help non-profit organizations save time and money is through the Procure Shopping Assistant.

The Procure Shopping Assistant works to find you the best online deals to save you time and money. When you buy something from a Procure partner, the vendor sometimes pays us a referral fee. That’s how Procure makes money to support the software that serves non-profits.

So how do we use data?

When you visit a Procure partner website, Procure analyzes some of the information on that site to help you find the best prices. Sometimes we compare the data on that site to other sites so you have even better information to make a decision.

The data we need to help save you time and money is publicly available data. We do not sell your personal information. Check out our full Privacy Policy for more information.