Save More. Serve More.

Our motto: “Do good.”

This short sentence is simple, positive and aspirational, just like our software. Our motto reinforces our mission and values: how we treat each other, how we treat our customers, how we design our products, and why we do what we do. “Do good.”

Our mission: “Save More. Serve More.”

We help non-profit organizations save money to serve more people. Our target market is focused on organizations such as schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, religious organizations and service organizations around the world – people who serve other people to improve our world.

What is the one thing that most non-profits need?


We give non-profit organizations access to software that will help them organize, track and manage assets, inventory, order requests, work order requests and purchasing.


Most Fortune 500 companies use software very similar to Procure, because it’s smart. It saves them money and time. And most Fortune 500 companies are paying a fortune for enterprise software. Enterprise-level software is expensive. Procure makes this enterprise-level software available to qualified non-profit organizations at no cost.

If you’re a qualified non-profit organization, check us out!

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